9 months.

Dear Mary,

I am actually writing this in the same week you turned 9 months old.  (The boys are on Easter break!)  You have done so many new things in the last 2 weeks- it's amazing!

You finally figured out how to crawl forward.  It's a pretty rough army crawl because you keep your toys in your hands all the time.  I think if you would free up those sweet hands you would be up on your hands and knees... but I know it's coming soon enough.  You can go from lying down to sitting up and have been busy practicing this skill all week.

You have been babbling "mamama" a lot this week and instead of saying it to you and having you say "dadada" back, you are actually saying mama back.  I love hearing you say it!

Your two bottom teeth started pushing through last Saturday and you can see them now (barely) when you smile.

You clap when we cheer "yay!" and you are consistently waving "hi," "bye," and "night night."  You are also making kiss noises.  You have been a busy busy girl!

You are still a happy, smiley girl.  You want to be down on the ground exploring the world now.  You are happily exploring finger foods and love broccoli, chicken, and bananas so far.  You love your bottles and we keep exploring sippy cups to find one you like... I may have found it today.

You are still busy growing and I will update your stats in a couple of weeks after your 9 month check up.  I'd say you're 18-19 lbs and 28-29 inches.  You are outgrowing your 9 month pajamas and are definitely in 9 month clothes.  Your feet used to be tiny and all of the shoes we had from your Gigi were too big- now, all of a sudden, they are too small.

Keep up the hard work growing and learning, my sweet girl.