pack and play.

mary loves to play in her pack and play.  we use it most for play time than anything else.  i love that i can put her in there and get things done- from a shower to laundry to dishes... and i know she'll be there when i get back, although she might be in a different position than where i originally placed her.  she's close to rolling all the way over but not quite there yet.  she can roll her hips and change her position though.  she's a busy busy girl!  she has just recently found her feet, too.  and that helped her find grover the other day in her pack and play.  she's always into something!  makes me glad that she's not rolling yet!


Rebecca Louise. said...

She's so precious! And growing too quickly!!!!

I hope you can take part in the Christmas card exchange taking place over on my blog :).