the boys are back in town.

that's right.  school is back in session.  we are halfway through our first week back.  we had our maximum enrollment of 256 in early august and a few decided not to come but we are still very full with lots of new students and our returning students.  it has kept me very busy but it has been smooth-sailing this year as far as work goes.

but, of course, work means not spending all of my free time with mary anymore. conveniently, she is right across the hall so i at least get to see her more often than i would with any other job.  i am very blessed.  my nurse team has been very sweet to come in extra this week to help out so we can get all of our papers organized and filed.  i love my girls!

mary is growing like a weed!  okay.  she's growing like a healthy baby!  she will be two months old on sunday.  best guess is that she weighs about 10 pounds and is 22 1/2 inches long.  she doesn't have her two month doctor appointment until september 7th. she will get her first round of vaccinations then.

i will have to upload new pictures soon, but here is one i took of her at about 3 weeks.  we were trying to have a newborn photo shoot.  i got lots of pictures but my favorite is this one:

she was yawning!

and here are her sweet little feet...