we can't forget cotton and barley!  the dogs were fairly indifferent about mary and still are to a degree.  they do, however, check on her from time to time during the day and will sniff her and/or lick her (ahem, cotton) if they feel she needs it.  one, or both of them, will follow me into her room for diaper changes or feedings- or for anything, really.  she got a really good sniffing when we first came home and it took the dogs a little while to adjust to where she came from and that whoever is holding her will not be giving them as much love and attention.  but they seem to have adjusted well and will check on her if she's crying. i cannot wait until mary is bigger and she can interact more with them... or maybe i can.  :)

cotton and barley meet mary for the first time!

cotton was the first to sniff...

... then it was barley's turn.

monitoring pops' babysitting duties.

keeping us company in the kitchen during her first bath.

swing time.  cotton keeps a close eye...

... and when she's in her bouncy seat.

sweet sisterly love.

play time.

love from barley!

cotton wasn't so sure she was ready for a rider!


Becca said...

SO cute!!! What sweet, big sisters! I love how protective Cotton is. I'm sure they'll love her even more when she starts throwing food from the high chair. Ours love their assignment on "clean up duty". :) Love all you girls!