precious baby girls.

so last year our visits back home revolved around baby showers.  so you know what that means, right?  this year our visit included spending time with the sweet, precious baby girls!  my darling bestest friends, rachel and rebecca (who happen to be sisters), each had a baby girl last year.  rachel had maggie and rebecca (becca) had hannah grace.  it was wonderful getting to spend time with their mamas and it was just as great to love on my sweet "nieces."

 hannah grace is on the left and maggie is chillin' on the right

i love these sweet, yummy little babies just as much as i love their mommies!


Rebecca Louise. said...

aww I love how you all match!

Becca said...

Those are some cute babies! :) I'm not partial or anything.

They want to see their Aunt Stacie again soon!