morris island lighthouse.

we took a short walk after dinner tonight to the edge of folly island to see the morris island lighthouse.  it happened to also be high tide, and when i say high tide, i'm not kidding.  there literally is about 3-5 feet of walking space on the beach during high tide, where as during low tide there is about 50-60 yards.  big difference.  we've been enjoying the sun and sand and the dogs have too.  they enjoyed it a little too much on monday so they had a rest day today.  we do have video, which i'll get on here one day.  when i figure out how.  anyway, here's a few pics from our evening walk.

picturesque, yes?  (i also love iPhoto and i think i would absolutely go crazy if i had photoshop.)  anyway, it was beautiful, as you can see in the pictures.  


anita said...

Love the photos! iPhoto is great, I love it too.