24 days and counting.

that's right, friends.  24 days.  or 3 weeks and 3 days as the counter to the right lists.  until what?  VACATION.  yes.  i have not typed such lovely words in the last few months.  i cannot wait until my toes are in the sand.  even better?  we will have sweet doggy toes in the sand, too.  cotton and barley also get to go to the beach for the first time ever.  we cannot wait to see that- we are placing bets on which one, if not both, bark and run away from the crashing waves.  we hope to have a little video recorder by then so we can share with everyone.

the timing worked out perfectly that we will be leaving the day after jay's birthday and will be there on our 4th anniversary.  and, of course, on the way we'll be stopping at the annual meeting for the upstate cruisers at aunt sue's.  (i.e. we'll have a good meal before getting on the road, however, it only takes 3 1/2 - 4 hours to get to the beach from here.)

yes.  we are going to folly beach, sc.  we spent a morning there during last year's beach trip and enjoyed the seclusion that day.  of course, we realize that the beginning of our trip does include labor day weekend, but kids will be back in school after that and that was what we enjoyed last year- the beach was almost empty until school let out.  dogs are not allowed on the beach from 10am-6pm so the girls will get to enjoy morning and evening walks and play time.  we found a house to rent that is across the street from the beach and just a short walk to the beach access.  the back yard doesn't back up to anything so we won't have anyone immediately behind us, just perhaps to the sides and across the road (which are the beachfront houses).  can you smell the ocean breeze yet?  i almost can.

here's where we'll be staying...

cannot.  wait.  but i think i said that already.  ☺


Rebecca Louise. said...

Can I come with you? The pictures look great! I hope you have a lovely time - 24 days will be gone before you know until you can feel the sand in between your toes :)