i win!

there are many blogs that i follow and many of the blog authors/blog friends host giveaways. there is a very sweet girl in london, england, named rebecca, who recently hosted a giveaway for some very cute bracelets at one of her favorite shops. she randomly picked two winners and i am one of them! i have never won a giveaway that i have entered and i am so excited. here is a preview of what is coming my way. i get to choose my colors and it includes one bracelet with the pearls on organza ribbon and one beaded pearl bracelet. i think they're adorable.


Carolyn said...

Congratulations on your win! I thought it might be you - I follow Rebecca's blog too (Brits gotta stick together :-) )

Thanks for the India Arie lyrics, that's a great song, thanks for sharing it.

anita said...

Congratulations! What adorable bracelets!! They are definitely you!