heaven (on earth)

monday was a day of pure joy and relaxation. my only wish was that i'd spent the entire day there. (and i could have. next time i will. well, after i save up some more money!)

i spent monday afternoon at the grove park spa. jay got me a gift certificate almost 2 Christmas's ago and i finally used it. i needed it now, too, so i guess waiting was worth it. and when i say worth it, i mean worth it. every single precious little penny. if you visit their website and read their description, it goes something like this...

And so it begins.Guests of The Spa start with a short journey down to the entrance, located within The Grove Park Inn’s stately fa├žade. Is it an underwater cavern, or a rock outcropping surrounded by lush nature? Taking aesthetic inspiration from the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains, The Spa’s appearance seems at once familiar and foreign, intriguingly so.

As you approach, tranquil sounds of running water fill your ears. Palpable energy, healing and positive, flows through the air, perhaps in your own anticipation of what’s to come. You may notice your breathing naturally relaxing. This, unsurprisingly, is all by design.

An entire day of indulgence is yours for the taking.An entire day, just for you. Your Spa experience is not limited to the length of a specific treatment. Instead, it is our desire to immerse you in exceptional rejuvenation and tranquility... all day long.

The Spa is more than 43,000 square feet in size, 20,000 of which are amenities for you to enjoy before and after your treatment. Consider yourself cordially invited to use our mineral pools with their soothing underwater music and nearby waterfall pools. Enjoy exhilarating contrast pools, a lap pool, an inhalation room, sauna and a eucalyptus-infused steam room. Sip herbal teas and savor refreshments in our separate Men’s and Women’s Relaxation Lounges. And remember to pause and drink in the views of the Blue Ridge Mountains with their own ethereal, soothing effect.

The entirety of your Spa experience will be superbly catered to by our Spa Concierge. One note of warning: prepare to be pampered beyond your wildest imagination.

okay, so i copy and pasted. (but you'll still want to go check out the website.) and everything they describe, is exactly how it is. don't believe me? check out some of their pictures.

the famous inn

the spa- outside looking in

the indoor pools

the outside hot tub/pool (stone fireplace just to the left)

iced "peppermint" towels for cooling off after visiting the steam or dry saunas or hot tub

hot stone treatments

the beauty and tranquility of the stone rooms


Brad and Becca said...

Next time we're in Asheville, I say we ditch the boys (they can go shoot guns or something manly) and let's go have a girl's day at the spa. I'm relaxed now after reading about all that! How awesome! I'm glad you were able to treat yourself. :) You deserve it!

anita said...

Sounds like heaven! we will partake next year for sure!!!

Rebecca Louise. said...

Oh My word!!! I must go there...I felt relaxed just reading the description x