awashed amusement

sunday we ventured down to our little "spot" and had some fun in the water. we took the dogs, matt and alicia brought orion, and kelly came, too. we brought jay's kayak and the camera and enjoyed the cool water on a hot, sunny day. the dogs love to swim and, a few times, cotton thought she should be in the kayak, too (just ask alicia). so, here are a few pictures from our watery adventures. (side-note: matt was too tall for the kayak and there is only one picture of me in it, and it's not great, so you don't get to see it. but i was in it... after a little protesting. i really enjoy being the photographer.)

cotton, barley, and orion venturing out for the first swim

meeting in the middle

i love how this picture turned out... action-shot- shaking off the water (i did not edit this photo, either, by the way)

jay taking the kayak out first... cotton made sure all was well

alicia had a great time, too... and cotton, again, made sure she made it back safely.

kelly did great, too!
the dogs all had fun with the tennis ball, too... until it floated off downstream

barley, mid-splash, getting out of jay's way

cotton "rock-diving"... i'm sure something down there was worth chasing!


Brad and Becca said...

Cotton would make a great lifeguard! Looks like tons of fun on a hot day!

anita said...

How fun! Cotton would make a good lifeguard! I totally agree with Becca!

Rachel said...

What great doggie fun! Is Orion a German Shepherd? I recognize those perky ears!

Rebecca Louise. said...

I always think it looks weird when dogs are paddling in the water but so adorable at the same time! x