new knitting vocabulary

i have added some new letters into my world of knitting terms. i have been pretty standard with the *k*, and *p*, and occasionally the *k2tog*... now, after some online demonstration, i can *s1 as if to purl*, *yb*, *yf* and make new, pretty patterns. :) here are a few pictures (and previews) of things to come. they still need to be *blocked* but regardless of that... i am also going to be brave, soon, and branch out and try an adult sized hat. i will share a picture of it, too, if it is worthy of such.


Becca said...

Oooh, I like the patterns! :) I'm working on a ribbed scarf for Mom right now. I just figured out how to *YO (yarn over) and *k2tog. Fun times! I can't wait to see more!

Angel said...

OMG Stacie! These are gorgeous! I love the one that looks kind of like a basket weave.