family updates

jay passed his first big nursing test. yeah!!! so that is exciting. i took a class at work yesterday, so i am now officially a "preceptor" and "validator." all that really means is that i can officially orient new staff to the unit and can also check people off on unit competencies. yes. a bunch of big words and stuff. but on the days i do that i can now get a bit of extra pay, so that is always handy. we are getting back into the swing of things and are getting back into the good habit of consistently going to church. it is the lenten season now so, of course, it is a good time to get back there. good times for reflection. we are still disliking our apartment and are excited every day when there is progress on the house, which now is pretty frequent. i am slowly breaking into studying for a course i am taking in legal nurse consulting. it is a self study course that i have a year to complete. it is interesting and reminds me of how much i enjoyed my business law class in high school. the animals are doing well. (just for those who wonder!) and i think that is about it for us. keep checking back for house updates. we should have more soon!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! for Jay, I knew he could do it!! and Yeah! for you on your "preceptor" status!! I know you're both getting very excited about the house, I am excited for you!! Can't wait for our next visit to NC.... in a couple of months to see everything!!
Thanks for the updates!!!

love you all, mom