santa's little helper

ok. so i am sure that i will have more pictures to share soon, but i realized that i hadn't shared any pictures of my sweet little niece, courtney, in awhile. so here are some that i have borrowed from her own little baby website her mom and dad started for her. but, i like to dote on her too, so here are my favorite recent pictures of her.

seriously! could she be any cuter!?! i am sure she could. but this is the only proof i have for now. enjoy!


Becca said...

Oh my goodness!!!!

She is the cutest little thing ever!!!! I love the hat. :) She really looks like her daddy in that second picture- I can see the Dennis genes coming out!

Love you!

Wesley said...

She looks guilty of something in the first picture! And I like her hat! haha!

Anonymous said...

No, she really couldn't be any cuter--what a sweet face and definitely a bit impish!
Lisa F.