brand new blog

since i have almost no idea where my old blog is or what it even was started for, i have decided to start a new one. of course, i have the myspace page, but i would rather have my blogging done elsewhere. and many new changes are going on in my life, so this way, everyone can be kept up to date with things. right now, i am at work. i have one sick baby right now, who is on the way to getting better, and is quite a fussy little guy tonight. work is good. i love my job (usually) and i do enjoy the people i work with. this has been a great accomplishment.

home life is good. jay and i have been married now for 6 months... half a year!

time has flown. it went from seeming weird that we were married but now we are starting to get into a good groove. we are used to our work schedules and have lots of time together but enough time apart that we don't get tired of each other. so love is good. the animals are good, too. i have had dave for over 6 years now. he is getting quite verbal in his old age.

cotton is almost 13 months and is still very much a puppy, but i cannot complain. for a 70+ lbs. inside dog, she is wonderful.

jay and i are currently in the process of cleaning up and cleaning out the condo, preparing it for selling. we are looking to move to asheville, nc.
we are trying to get jobs lined up so that when we are ready, we can head on over the mountains. it will be a bittersweet move for me. i have never lived anywhere else and am excited for a change but will miss my family and friends very much. but they won't be far away, and now everyone will have a good excuse to come visit asheville. it is a great and eclectic city and a beautiful haven in the blue ridge mountains. i am looking forward to learning how to adapt in a new place. so, i don't know how good i will be at keeping this up. doubt it will be every day, but this is where you can find out what is new and old and everything in between.